Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Larder, New Farm

Last Sunday, we met up with our friend for lunch at the Little Larder, a popular cafe on Moray St. The meeting was set at 1230pm but we suspected the usual queue-up on the weekend and headed over twenty minutes earlier. Little larder is a simple decked out cafe with a cosy bustling atmosphere. We were quickly served menus and water upon seating. The menu has the usual all day breakfast and a sizeable lunch menu that features their twist on salads, sandwiches and pastas.

From the breakfast menu, we ordered the crispy polenta with poached eggs avocado and hollandaise sauce ($14) and a side order of pork sausages (2 pcs- $5) for extra indulgence and our friend ordered the french toast with grilled bananas and maple syrup ($12). We also ordered the smoked salmon with capers on turkish bread ($11), swopping the cream cheese for their home-made tomato relish, from the lunch menu.
True to its description, the polenta coating was indeed crispy! The inside of the polenta cake was light and fluffy and subtly seasoned which works perfectly when eaten with the rest of the dish. Eggs were poached perfectly, the hollandaise was smooth and creamy and as for the sausages, they were just typical.

Our friend's french toasts arrived as a huge stack of alternating toasts and bananas. Often, french toasts are served drowning in maple syrup so its a nice touch to have a bottle of 100% maple syrup brought seperately, alongside the dish. There were no complaints and the meal was wolfed down pretty quickly so its always a sign of a good dish!

The smoked salmon turkish (as with all sandwiches in the menu) comes with a side serve of balsamic salad greens. The turkish toast was standard spread with mayonnaise, the smoked salmon was to my personal liking- not overly oily and the tomato relish is always a hit. I liked this combination i.e. without the cream cheese but it may not be for everyone. Only towards the middle of my meal that i realised the capers missing...guess it did not matter...Previously, i had their roast beef sandwich and in comparison, that rates higher in my opinion.
Subtly spiced chai with honey
Whenever we visit Little Larder, we know we never leave disappointed. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive and there is plenty of street parking available which is great for frequent visits!!

Little Larder
76 Moray St New Farm Brisbane QLD
Open Mon-Sun

Little Larder on Urbanspoon
Little Larder on Urbanspoon

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