Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marine World Seafood Cafe

Mr food hunter was craving for good seafood on his birthday and a quick check on Urbanspoon saw Marine World on the no. 2 spot. Reviews from others were excellent and we decided to make a day going about the East side of Brisbane.

Marine World Seafood Cafe reminded us of one of those seafood shops at GC or Manly where you enjoy a large range of fresh seafood for picking and select whichever piece of fish you'd like for cooking. We constructed our own fresh Seafood Platter comprising of a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters, Moreton Bay Bug and medium fresh prawns from we forgotten where ha! All were fresh and the prawns we particularly liked, they were clean tasting, firm and of course we liked their heads too!

We also ordered half a dozen Calamari and a Crumbed Perch. Boy were they good!! The crumbing was unifrom all round, even on the squid rings, they were crunchy and not the least bit greasy! Perfect it is! There is free squeezy bottled tartare sauce etc. to go around.

The Greek Salad was ordered to add some freshness to the meal.

Even on a weekday afternoon, Marine World is packed with diners and many who came to take away. The cafe is BYO which is fantastic...many pluses there and we'd surely be thinking about returning again whenever we venture to Manly!

Last shot of a slice of Rhubarb Yoghurt (b'dae) cake with vanilla ice cream shared between the 2 of us at Pearl Cafe. A little dry but taste wise not bad.

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