Saturday, August 13, 2011

Songbirds Restaurant

Last Saturday, we booked into Songbirds for lunch and what a pleasant afternoon we all had. We enjoyed a slow lunch amongst luscious greenery and tuned into the sounds of nature in tranquil surroundings.

There was not too much sunlight peaking through that day and so it was somewhat chilly but the strong heaters kept us seated comfortably outdoors. We noticed that there is a slight Balinese theme in the restaurant interiors which made it more of a relaxed atmosphere.

We started off with some Freshly Baked Bread with Seaweed butter and toasted Sichuan Pepper. The bread was just superb, it was warm & crusty and the crumb was cottony soft with hints of middle eastern spices. The seaweed butter was special and really you'd just want to have bread 'n' butter all day!

For Entree, we shared a Spanner Crab Tortellone with Cauliflower pickle and puree, lemon thyme & saffron bisque. Ma & Pa were afraid they couldn't finish their Mains and so we decided to share at least one entree but after we tasted it, we wished we had more...The pasta wrapper was just the right thickness and contained plenty of crab meat, it worked beautifully with the creamy puree and bisque which tasted like the sea!

Dad chose the Muddy Waters Pinot Noir Rose which was beautiful in ruby pink. It went well with my fish and was excellent with his Gri Maud Duck Confit. The duck leg was cooked beautifully and presented with angel hair, peas, Persian fetta, cumin, lemon, herb puree & chutney sauce.

Miss food hunter's Miso Glazed Blue Eyed Trevalla sat atop udon noodles, shitake, shaved prawns, seaweed & confit abalone. The bonito broth was poured onto the plate upon serving. The fish was cooked well though a little dry on the ends. The udon noodles were slippery smooth, the broth was simply Umami complete with plenty of mushroom slivers & seaweed.

Mum's 2 Textures of Kilcoy Beef was abit of a letdown at the start as her medium-rare fillet turned out more medium to well-done. The kitchen happily accepted the return and cooked another perfectly after about 15mins wait. Mum is not a big meat-eater but does enjoy a good steak occasionally. She remembered Mr food hunter recommending Kilcoy Angus and thought this is probably the closest she could get....Mum devoured the whole plate and was particularly fond of the little bits & pieces i.e. the kassler, olive panise and the smoked pomme puree.

Songbirds is indeed a little out of the way for most of us but it is an excellent choice on a special occasion espcially for couples, so if you ar planning a visit anywhere near Mt Tamborine, do make a reservation and you will be delighted ; )

Apologies for the pinkish photos, too consumed with the surroundings, food and conversation that i didn't adjust the settings right.
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  1. With lip smacking food one can also enjoy the trip to any of the Mt tambourine wineries. They are so amazing and serve fantastic wine.