Thursday, August 18, 2011


After a show at the Balmoral cineplex, we headed to Willes for a simple lunch. It was hectic busy, the queue was snaking long, staff were frantically trying to tie in the orders and even a nicely dressed lady boss (we presume?) came out to help clear tables.
Everything displayed looked inviting, colouful and healthy. There were several pattie balls, lasagnes, quiches to choose from as well as gourmet salads. There is a Sandwich bar to create your own sandwiches and on a chilly day like this, there is also hot food e.g. casserole types available.

Miss food hunter ordered a Mixed Salad plate (4 types) consisting of a Beetroot & Sweet Potato, Rocket leaves & Sweet Potato crisps, Seeded Mustard roasted vegetable (Best!) and lastly, Coleslaw. Some of the salads desperately needed dressing as it was plain dry.

Mr food hunter's Chicken Schnitzle Burger came in thick grain toasts with generous salad, cheddar cheese and avocado spread. The schnitzle was just a touch over cook for our liking but at least the crumb was uniform and non-greasy. The 'sandwich' on the whole needed some dressing though, as it was rather dry.

Willes is a casual, easy, fuss-free dining cafe where food is simple but tasty, varied, homey comforting and majority healthy options. Prices are also quite reasonable ; )

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