Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sourced Grocer

Sourced Grocer is the perfect place to be when one's looking to stock up on some gourmet deli treats and to enjoy a simple quality breakfast with a good cuppa within a seconds reach. As the cafe only has one communal table and a few window seatings, it is not recommended for large groups. Weekends can get really busy and probably best to just takeaway!

Gotta have a cuppa frothy Cappuccino- beans Fifth Battery

Levain Sourdough Toasts with Spreads....Miss food hunter's no. 1favourite Levain!

Avocado, Labneh, lemon, parsley & lemon on Turkish toasts perfect start for Miss food hunter's Mum.

Dad's pick of Shaved Bangalow ham, Jarlsberg cheese, avocado, tomato & leaves Sandwich with Beetroot relish. Satisfying!

Sit on the steps or on crates and enjoy soaking up the morning sun....

The ever changing white tiled Menu- inspiration for what you can buy at their well-stocked shop!

Sourced Grocer
11 Florence street
Opens Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm
           Saturday and Sunday 7am to 5pm

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