Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Green Cafe

We've heard that the Little Green Cafe serves up a good cuppa and so in seek of a light lunch on a windy weekday, we thought this would be an ideal place to visit.

Aside from the cabinet offerings of sandwiches, muffins and a few other sweets, Little Green Cafe offers a cooked food menu too. You can find spaghetti bolognese, mushroom risotto, baked quiche of the day etc. and the steak sandwich caught the fancy of Mr food hunter.

A great steak sandwich ($12) is defined by the quality of the meat used and sadly, the tough piece of round steak used here just isn't going to score well in anybodys books.  The rest of the sandwich wasn't bad, nicely caramelized onions, cheese and fresh salad.  Probably the biggest enjoyment on the plate were the chips, I luurved the medley of dried herbs on the hot and crunchy fries.  

Miss food hunter settled for the pre-made Chicken sandwich ($7.50) on toasted Sourdough with brie, avocado and aioli. It was great for an easy light lunch, the sourdough was distinctly so with a dense crumb, which is what Miss food hunter looks out for-always!

The Cappuccino had a good froth, smooth and mild-flavoured. Beans are Piazza D'oro. Little Green Cafe is really one of the better coffee places around the area!

Oh Yes! They do offer student discounts too so bring on your ID.

Little Green Cafe
Shop 34, 1932 Logan road
Upper Mount Gravatt
Opens Monday to Saturday

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