Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yeronga Bakery & Cafe

On our last visit to Ned's at Yeronga we reminded ourselves we'd have to return to Yeronga bakery one day as there were massive queues and we had to uncover what all the Hooha may be about...Here is the post (late but) as promised.

Having sat down for around 45 mins since 9am on a sunday morning, we observed the constant stream of customers getting their coffee fix, takeaways and bags of plain croissants etc.Yeronga bakery claims to have the best pies in town so let Mr food hunter be the judge of that (but of course, v.subjectively so!).

What seems to be popular aside from the pies, are the Ham & Cheese Croissant and the breakfast Bacon & Egg Roll.

Mr food hunter went for the Beef & Mushroom Pie with and extra of mushy peas. The top crust was baked flaky, crisp but burnt at the edges. However, the real disappointment lies within the bottom crust, which was doughy and not fully cooked. The meat filling was averagely good- not special. Best pies in town? Sadly, not so...

Miss food hunter had a simple salad sandwich for a mere $2.80! We have been disappointed with a couple of bakeries that sell loaves that are too light/ airy in crumb texture. Personally, we prefer a soft, denser type crumb with grit especially, when it is meant to be wholemeal or multigrain. Yeronga's loaves suit us well and so, one for take home!

Yeronga Bakery & Cafe
The Village
Fairfield road

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