Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yatala Pies

A short post on  Brisbane's arguably most famous pie shop, Yatala Pies ;p.  Located along the edge of the pacific motorway, Yatala Pies has been a popular rest stop for happy travellers on the way to and from the gold coast. 

Mmmmm...Steak and Mushroom with a serve of mushy Peas.

Creamy Mashed potatoes on this one!

Chips and gravy with real Mince.

Yatala pies have a soft pie crust with a light and flaky top.  The gravy fillings aren't the most flavour packed, but good nonetheless with our sides of peas and mash.  Are they Brissie's best pies? I dont quite think so...they are good but there are other places in and around brisbane that serve up really delicious pies. Yatala pies is a great place to stop and grab a bite on the way back from the goldie, its somewhat of a tradition :-)

Always busy busy at Yatala!

Yatala Pies
48 Old Pacific Highway
Opens daily 7am to 8pm

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