Monday, May 30, 2011

Sparrow & Finch

Yay! WE have finally made it down to Sparrow & Finch! Miss food hunter has noted quite a number of commendable cafes sprouting in and around the brisbane city area but they seem so far reaching as neither of us work in the city nor do these cafes operate over the weekend. Last friday, we had some business with the city council and we were excited to go downtown!

Sparrow & Finch offers an amazing array of gourmet salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas and also a small cooked food menu. The long row of display cabinet was filled with such bright colours that really made every single item 'pop' and looked just appetizing! Not only can you get your warm cuppa coffee but also alcoholic drinks too.

Miss food hunter had the toasted Turkish of Tandoori chicken & Mint Yoghurt with delicious softened red peppers and a side of Roasted pumpkin & balsamic beetroot with spinach & fetta. The flavours were great and true of a tandoor chicken minus the char and it was indeed SAUCY...something that Miss food hunter actually wanted that day. The other variants were Roast Beef with swiss cheese, Chicken Schnitzel (very popular), there was also a lamb and a vegetarian one many that we have become muddled...

There are 2 types of burgers offered, one called Sparrow and the other Finch. If we recall correctly, Sparrow is the one with bacon & egg and Finch is the one with chilli, jalapeno & gruyere. Finch had a well-seasoned pattie with rosemary and it was quite a lean one too (hence a wee bit dry). Though this ain't the greatest burger, you'd feel pretty healthy & quite contented eating this ; )

Sparrow & Finch is probably the hottest lunch spot in the Brisbane CBD and we can see why, there is great variety, food is fast, fresh, looks a delight, reasonably priced and you can easily order and have it to go!

Sparrow & Finch
100 Creek street (corner of Creek & Adelaide street)
Opens Monday & Tuesday 630am to 5pm
           Wednesday & Thursday 630am to 9pm
            Friday 630am to 12am

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