Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ned's Cafe

A planned trip to the west end markets to pick up some fresh produce was cancelled, this past weekend due to the wet weather.  Instead we decided to have a lazy saturday breakfast out.  Ned's Cafe is a place we have tried a long long while ago and we left pretty satisfied the first time.  It is situated out in Yeronga Shopping Village and when we arrived the car park was jam packed as there is also a very popular bakery there too (post to come).

Ned's has both indoor and outdoor seating with a simple modern decor. The average price of the dishes here is comparable to that of Gunshop or Pearl Cafe.
Mr food hunter had a refreshing Pick-Me-Up juice of apples, watermelon and mint while Miss food hunter stuck to her Cappuccino. The merlo this time tasted really weak.

Mr food hunter ordered NED’S own Baked Beans a concotion of Braised Cannellini Beans in a rich Tomato Sauce and Smoked Ham Hock – served with soft poached Eggs on Sourdough Toast ($16.50).  It was surprising to see the ham mixed in with the beans as I expecting it to be served on the side like bacon rashers.  Not a problem though as it did add beautifully to the flavours in the backed beans and gave the beans a meatiness which I really enjoyed.  The only minor niggle the sourdough tasted like normal bread....

Miss food hunter's Boiled Eggs and Vegemite soldiers were alright. It is afterall a very simple dish and i was expecting even more outta a SIMPLE dish! The eggs were soft-boiled and the bread was toasted fine but as a fussy eater of bread, this white ciabatta tasted like a regular hotdog bun. Surely at $9.50 i can be served a more rustic crusty type bread?? The crumb was that of a ordinary slice of white toast!

Not sure if we will return for their weekend breakfast/lunch menu? The display cabinets looked rather sad with a couple of sandwiches and a few salads. On the other hand, the sweets cabinet was wide-ranging with slices, tarts, cakes, muffins etc. The weekday lunch menu does look appetizing and quite reasonably priced for their gourmet sandwiches and wraps.

Ned's Cafe
Shop 3 & 4 The Village
corner of Fairfield road and Kadumba street
Opens monday to friday 630am to 6pm
           saturday 630am to 5pm
           sunday 630am to 1pm

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