Saturday, April 9, 2011

Half Time Tea Bar

Half-Time Tea Bar is one of Mr food hunter's favourite lunch spots. They offer a business set lunch menu that costs around $9.50. The set lunch comes with a bowl of their daily soup (e.g. miso, tofu, black fungus & pork soup) and up to 3 different sides of vegetables (e.g. stewed egg, deep-fried tofu cubes, cabbage stir-fry, tomato & egg). Today, with our mains, we had a bowl of sweet & sour soup and sides of stir-fried eggplant, braised tofu & 1/2 egg in soy and pickled vegetables.

Usually, Mr food hunter has his default of Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs but this time around he ordered the Crispy Spicy Chicken.  The sauce with the chicken is somewhat reminiscent of a thai sweet chilli sauce, with a hint & more of pickled chilli heat. Not bad tasting but too many pickled flavours on the plate when there is already a side of pickled vegetables too.  Ha I'm just being a little fussy, all in all a satisfying dish!

Miss food hunter had the Hong Shao Fish (红烧鱼) which translates literally as "red-cooked/braised". The chunky battered fish fillets are first deep-fried then braised in a bean sauce. The fillets were moist, flaky and were braised with a variety of vegetables & deep-fried tofu. The highlight of this dish is really the gravy....savoury with a hint of'd want to eat more rice with this!

Mr food hunter's no.1 fave! Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs
The Salt and Pepper Ribs from Half-Time are indeed restaurant quality and at about $9, it is a real bargain.  The spice blend is just right and every time I have it the pork is oh so tender... Yum!

Half-Time Tea Bar has one of the widest selection of Taiwanese breakfast dishes/snacks on offer. If you wonder what the Taiwanese have in the morning, pop in to see their selections hot on display! Breakfast till 11am, but do get there earlier if you want to see the full range of breakfast items.

Half Time Tea Bar
Shop 17 341 corner Mains road & McCullough street
Sunnybank Market Square
Opens daily

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