Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Norman Hotel

When Mr food hunter manages to get out with his brothers for a meal, you can be assured there will always be steak or a big heavy serving of meat on the menu.  Its not surprising as Mr food hunter and his brothers have always been big eaters and nothing is more satisfying than a good steak!  The Norman Hotel proclaims to be brisbane's worst vegetarian restaurant, the perfect place for Mr food hunter and the boys...
Local brisbanites will remember the fire which caused a fair bit of damage to the Norman Hotel, after seeing images of the damage on the news its nice to see that the Norman is completely rebuilt and looks as great as ever.  There is alfresco seating as well as an indoor sports bar area with massive widescreen TVs broadcasting the latest in sports action.   

As you can see the menu is pretty extensive, those not looking to have a steak are well catered to and there's even a menu for the kiddies.  For starters we grabbed an entree size of the spicy southern style pork ribs and our steak choices were a small rib fillet, rib on the bone and the 1KG RUMP STEAK CHALLENGE!! If you manage to complete the challenge your name will be immortalized on a plaque at the Norman Hotel.

Southern style ribs
The sauce on these ribs were the real highlight, a smokey bbq sauce complimented with a nice spicy cayenne kick.  I've never been to America before but this sauce definetly took me there.... delish!

Small rib fillet
Mmmmmm... rib on the bone

1 kg monster rump, as wide as my brother!

All of our steaks were cooked perfectly medium rare as requested.  The words 'juicy' and 'tender' were thrown around alot as we tucked into our meals.  Another favourite were the idaho potatoes with the bacon sauce.  The bacon is braised in a sweet sauce until it melts in your mouth and goes great with the baked potato, I'm sure it would go well with many others things too.

The Norman Hotel is definetly a great place to catch up with some friends and enjoy a good steak.  The place received good patronage even on a weekday so I can only imagine the weekends to be a madhouse.  The Norman is a famous place in brisbane to grab a steak and after our lunch today I can see why it is so popular.  Oh and if you were wondering about my brother and the 1 kg steak challenge.... he lived to the challenge, Champion!!
The Norman Hotel
102 Ipswich road
Opens daily from 11am

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