Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh is one of the latest addition to the Vietnamese food scene in Inala. The interior is just like any other restaurant in the area; simple, basic settings with always a wide-screen TV to entertain. Tra Vinh offers dishes that are typical of most Vietnamese menus but they do proclaim to specialize in noodles and so...oodles of noodles on order it is!

Mr food hunter had the Crispy Chicken with Egg noodle soup. The chicken was disappointing as the skin wasn't crispy and the flesh was dry. There are better crispy chickens around Inala! For Mr food hunter, the serving of noodles was on the small side and the soup a tad sweet for his liking.

Miss food hunter had the Seafood Egg noodle Soup which is also available Dry, as with many other noodle dishes on the menu. The quantity and variety of seafood pales in comparison to some other Vietnamese restaurants but they were fresh, though the squid was overcooked and very rubbery. The onion soup base was fragrant and again, sweeter than usual.

Mr food hunter's sister-in-law swopped the long-grain rice to broken rice in her order of Grilled Pork Chop and Lup Cheong (chinese sausage). On the side, were some vinegared carrots & radishes to complement. Her plate was wipe cleaned...couldn't have been a bad dish.

Tra Vinh does have a decent selection of Roast Meats hanging by the front window, which is good for added variety. We haven't exactly scrutinized the menu enough to explain why they pride themselves as noodle specialists. The egg noodles were average, not anything to shout about...Perhaps, next time we'll have to try to unravel this!

Tra Vinh Vietnames & Chinese Special Noodle House
Corsair avenue
Inala Town Centre
Opens daily 8am to 8pm

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  1. i have yet to review this place because the pho was pretty mediocre. too much MSG...i know when i have a lot of msg in my pho.

    i only heard that their hieu tieu thap cam (combination noodle soup)is pretty good. probably give this restaurant another chance.

    the previous owner of this restaurant had the best drinks and the food was awesome... oh well