Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Store + Cafe

After a trip down the sunday Bardon market to pick up some fresh produce and as always have a few nibbles (coffee from Xpresso & a Jam Brioche from Ferny Hills Bakery) we went straight to Ashgrove hoping to find Home Store to get some brunch. We couldn't recall the exact address but knew it was somewhere near Milk Cafe @ Ashgrove. We wandered around for just a while and hey presto...we found it! Judging by the name, we were expecting to see a big store; scale on par with a home centre/store but this is really opposite from what we thought.

We loved that the cafe was simply decked out. The bold prints & colour on the wall with big hanging light fixtures as well as the shelves of brightly coloured home essentials/gifts add to the aesthetics of the cafe.

There is one or two specials on the board and one of them was a vegetable frittata. Aside, from the display cabinet offerings, Home Store has a cooked breakfast (all-day weekend) and lunch menu that is sure to entice. How about a delicious Steak Sandwich with bacon & tomato relish, Zucchini fritters or Salt & Pepper Squid salad? The lunch menu sounded absolutely delicious but we were looking more of light breakkie options.


For drinks, we had a refreshing 'Bolero' juice with pear, mint and a couple of other fruits which we can't remember as well as a tangy 'Samba' frappe with primarily passionfruit and pineapple.

Mr food hunter's Eggs Bennedict had perfecty poached eggs drizzled with a light thyme hollandaise sauce.  The smoked salmon and wilted spinach beneath helped cut through the creaminess of the eggs and hollandaise perfectly.  My only suggestion would be to replace the crusty white bread as it did become soggy rather quickly with a denser type bread perhaps ciabatta... perfect!

Miss food hunter had a serve of Toasts with Tomato Relish and a side of Vegetables & Fetta Salad. Crusty white was served instead of the order of sourdough which was abit of a disappointment as a denser type bread was desired. The relish was warmed and it was certainly home-made with roughly chopped tomato pieces and onions. It was not your typical spiced nor sweeter type relish. The salad had chunks of tender vegetables mainly pumpkin, sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant and spinach leaves with a mildly-brined creamy fetta- clean, fresh flavours all in a plate ; )

There are several tables placed outdoors with big shady umbrellas perfect on a cool day and all the dogs including our JRT pup were served water promptly when we nice! Order & pay at the counter and table service is provided throughout. A pleasant cafe indeed, a return trip for sure!

Home Store + Cafe
20 Stewart road corner Ajax lane
Opens daily breakfast & lunch

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