Friday, April 22, 2011

Haoke Chinese Restaurant

Good Friday YAY...and we were off to try a new dim sum restaurant at Sunnybank Hills. We have passed this restaurant more than a dozen times (to Just Soy Cafe) and have seen how very busy it is every weekend. Therefore, it is of no surprise to have to wait for about 25 mins for our table today. Haoke has a large interior with a grand setting, on a scale similar to Landmark's.

There are the dim sum trolleys, 2 or 3 of them that services the whole ground and our first batch came swiftly. After which, the trolleys seemed to have disappeared and took quite a while for them to be replenished. It would be good if you knew the names of certain dim sum items you'd like, as you can place your orders directly without having to wait & wonder whether the next trolley will carry those particular dim sums you'd want. Anyway, todays pickings were... 

Wu Kok (Yam paste & Pork filled dumpling) + a Spring Roll
in the background- Prawn in Beancurd sheet rolls

Lup Cheong & Dried Shrimp Glutinous rice

BBQ Pork Chee Cheong Fun (Rice rolls)
Prawn Chee Cheong Fun

Feng Jiao (Chicken Feet)
 Feng Jiao is a must order when we go yum cha, the sauce with this version was perfectly balanced. Winner!

Beef Tendons

 Wonderfully soft tendon but let down just a tad by the overwhelming star anise flavour.  

Pork Ribs and Har Gow (Prawn dumplings)
  The Pork Ribs were well-flavoured but strangely enough, they were coated in flour.

Shark's Fin Dumplings

Nuo Mi Juan (steamed Glutinous rice rolls)

Miss food hunter's fave is the Nuo Mi Juan. It was good with just the right bun softness and fragrance from the stuffed lup cheong glutinous rice. The steamed dumplings like the Har Gow and Chee Cheong Fun were alright but not as refined as we'd like it to be- the flour wrappers and the rice rolls itself were a little too thick and there were not whole but instead, chopped prawns in the rice rolls. Lastly, the shark's fin dumplings were over-steamed and thus, soggy but tasted fine.

Overall, Haoke serves up not outstanding, but decent dim sums with good variety. Would we return? Most probably to try out the other dim sum items like the water chestnut cake and the green tea egg custard tart. If not, we would be back for their ala carte Seafood dishes!

Haoke Chinese Seafood Restaurant
36 Calam road (Pacific centre)
Sunnybank Hills
Opens daily

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