Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MOS Burger

We finally made it to MOS! That is because we were there at 1055am for a supa dupa early lunch and already, there were intermittent short queues and dozens waiting in line for their takeaway bags. We have had MOS burgers in Singapore a fair number of times between the two of us and personally, we prefer the rice to their bun-type burgers. 

Mr food hunter had the Ginger Pork Rice Burger which is unavailable in Singapore. The rice patties were moistened with the lovely flavours of the gingered pork slices and caramelized onions. The size of the burgers are comparatively smaller and usually Mr food hunter tackles 2 in a go but as this lunch was only 2 hours after breakfast....1 rice burger did it nicely!

Miss food hunter had the Yaki Niku  (Grilled Beef) Rice Burger. The rice patties weren't as moist with gravy as the ginger pork but overall, it tasted fine.

We do like MOS's milk tea and were actually expecting their milk teas to come with a milk/creamer thimble seperately, as they do in Singapore. Here in Brisbane, MOS uses Dairy Farmer's pasteurised milk, which imparts a different taste to the tea altogether. The seafood kakiage rice burger is not available as yet and with the queues still going strong everyday, we will probably return to MOS only after several weeks!

MOS Burger
Shop 34 Sunnybank Plaza
Corner Mains road and McCullough street
Opens daily

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  1. Oooooh i really want to go over and try it, but i just know its going to be crowded and a wait for the food so its putting me off...

  2. Yep we totally understand. Hadn't because we happen to be @ Mos early and there was only a short queue we probably would've hold off Mos till the craze is over. It is fast food no more when you have to wait for quite a while after placing your orders. At the end of it all, it really is just a simple comfort/homey burger..worth a try but not worth to have to queue up for it. We shall await your post Bris Devoured!