Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day out @ GC & Burleigh Brew Co.

We planned for a weekend out at Gold Coast as we booked in for a tour at the Burleigh Brewery. We revisited one of our favourite Japanese restaurant- Yuuga at Surfer's for an early lunch before the tour. We like Yuuga for the variety in their bento lunch sets, their reasonable prices, friendly service, restaurant atmosphere and but of course, quality of food.  

We are not talking premium grade here but at prices of ~$16 per bento, it is more than satisfactory! For a couple dollars extra, there is the option of having belly fish with any bento that contains sushi/sashimi. Mr food hunter had the Unagi (eel) bento which came with sides of mixed sashimi, salmon & avocado salad and agadeshi tofu. Miss food hunter had the Mixed Sushi & Sashimi set and the presentation was inviting. The sashimi was fresh in all sets and had none of those sinewy bits you may find at some restaurants!
Ladies Lunch Bento...Great Variety for just $16!!

As it was not quite time yet, we decided to stop by Barefoot for a little sweet treat. We heard that the Campos coffee served here was good and so 2 cuppas it is. We also shared a Rhubarb & Mixed Berry tart. The cappuccino and flat white were seriously good and that little warmed pinkish-filled tart was nice & homey ; ) 

Come in for a light lunch...scrummy sandwiches & bakes
We will certainly be back for breakfast or lunch...if only we could make that soon...
Barefoot Barista though smallish in size, is really rather unique. Barefoot has such personalised decor that is more rustic than girly, dainty, retro or funky. The evident use of light & dark wood in their decor, display and furniture gives it this extra warm and homey feel. Check out their facebook website

 We sat at their back courtyard sipping coffee and enjoying our relaxing.....

We arrived promptly for our brewery tour at 2pm and at the reception we were given each a little 'sampler' paper and our take home Burleigh glasses. Although stated on the website that the tour starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm, it is essentially just an hour affair. It is an overall interesting and informative packed hour and very interactive too!

Throughout the talk, there were three 5min intervals where participants could go up to the bar to sample the next beer. A total of 4 beers were sampled and our favourites were the 70's style 28 Pale Ale and the limited edition HEF (Hefeweizen). My my my...Miss food hunter who is not really a beer fan rather appreciated the pineapple, tropically aromas and flavours of the above mentioned beers.

Burleigh's Brewmaker and our enthusiatic guide!
Go to Burleigh's website and check out their events for instance, the Brew House Bash where you get German sausage Sizzles with your beers!

Yuuga Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Barefoot Barista
Shop 5 Palm Beach Avenue
Gold Coast!/pages/Barefoot-Barista/126879187340414

Barefoot Barista on Urbanspoon

Burleigh Brewing Company
17A Ern Harley Drive
Burleigh Heads

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