Monday, July 18, 2011

La Vosh Patisserie

Miss food hunter was craving bagels and decided to visit La Vosh as was recommended on another food blog. Can't say that we are good judges of bagels as Mr food hunter hadn't had one before and Miss food hunter's closest bagel binge in Singapore was either frozen or the Blueberry ones from Starbucks. This was several years back too!

So here we are at La Vosh Patisserie! It is clear to see that the primary focus here is BAGELS and you can have them toasted, plain topped with sesame or poppy seeds, eaten with cream cheese/ jam or filled like a sandwich. Didn't see any flavoured ones though partly as our eyes were roaming around looking at all the other delectable goodies. There were pies, tarts, slices, doughnuts, macaroons, pizzas, buns, artisan loaves etc. etc.

Filled Bagel Menu

We thought we'd first order a toasted plain bagel to start and judge from there. It really is not bad at all with the right density & a fine crumb, though Miss food hunter would have liked it to be just a little more chewier. $2 for a bagel with a dollar extra side of cream cheese was not too bad at all and Mr food hunter enjoyed his first taste of a bagel. We will be back that's for sure!!

Despite the misspell, the signage sure drew in the Babka crowd as there were none left when we arrived. It seems that most of their clientele park alongside the road and grab takeaways.The cafe is really tiny, but certainly very popular with many people coming through.

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