Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Markets & Festivals

Le Bon Choix & their delectable pastries

We have been having fun-filled weekends since three weeks back as there's always something to look forward to....There was the Zilmere Cultural Festival, Ascot Street Party in conjunction with the Eagle Farm Markets and recently, Home Festival held next door to the Pineapple Hotel.  
Ascot Road

Many of the restaurants along Ascot road took to the streets and there were many stall holders that featured local designer baby wares, unique jewellery pieces, gift items and  collectables.

Lotsa Sweet Delights at the Eagle Farm Markets

Doggy Bag some Petite Waffles if there is too much to indulge all at once!
Sour Cherry & Coconut Slice with an Amandine Base from Red Door Pantry

Great Nuts to Snack on..Buy 2 bags get one cinnamon coated Peanut bag FREE!
We bought the Cinnamon coated Almonds and the Roast Tomato Cashews...YUM!
Looking for some unusual Spice or blends? You can find it here!

Everyone's busy scouring for food as well as tables n chairs!!

Relax to the music of Celestino...i bought their CD then!

Panacottas to tempt...
Indonesian Kroket & Satay Skewer

Turkish Stall: Warm Spiced Lentil Soup

Shimmmy along Girls!
We were very well-entertained at the Zimere Cultural Festival......plenty of live music, drumming, dancing, instruments in all nature and from all sorts of cultures, old & modern come together and some unique food too (well...at least to us hee!)

Ethiopian Tribal Dance

Cubans shakin to the Groove

Meat Potato & Egg Empanada

Polynesian Raw Fish, chopped celery & tomatoes in Coconut Milk

Gotta have a Dagwood Dog at the Festival
Free Henna Tattoo for the first 100 customers!!

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