Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hellenic House

We were quite surprised upon entering the Hellenic House to see a vast hall where the greek community gather for conversations and their games of chest...or some other game perhaps... We suppose this is the original Greek Club? The interior is rather dim so we decided to sit outdoors right at a far end, after placing our orders at the counter.

This was another surprise to get complimentary basket of fresh bread to munch on before our meals arrive. The bread was crusty like a vienna loaf and almost as light as a vietnamese baguette.

But of course Mr food hunter had to order something out of the ordinary for himself. The Sheftalies i.e. Cypriot Sausages, like all other dishes comes with either salad or chips. The 3 little sausages are definetly on the small side but luckily for Mr food hunter, Miss food hunter doesn't eat alot of meat so he got some of hers.  The sausages themselves are quite unique, there are chunks of meat inside as opposed to the usual mince and has a distinctive parsley flavour.  The dish was nice but somewhat unbalanced with the massive serve of chips.

Miss food hunter on the other hand stuck with her Chicken Souvlakia with Greek salad. The chicken thighs were so moist, full of flavour and charred very nicely with all the essential yummy crispy bits. The Greek salad came with an intact fetta that tasted nothing like what is served at other Greek joints...Yum Miss food hunter had hers with the crusty loaf. The salad was dressed extra lemony.  

Hellenic House may look a little run-down & un-inviting but its construction- elevated, allows diners to enjoy their meals with a little view outside. Service is attentive and we even had bottled cold water brought out to us...

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  1. Ohhhhhh im dying to go here but im always a little scared to...

    did you visit on a weekday or a weekend?
    looks really yum...

  2. We were just there for lunch yesterday. Yeah we did cop a couple of long stares from the elderly group while ordering ha but we sat well outside at a quiet corner where the sun shone brightly!!

  3. We go once a week! It's healthy, fresh and inexpensive. It's ideal to go straight after work, when you are starving, and haven't booked one of those fancy pancy restaurants, nor had time to go home and freshen up. You can just rock up one or two or a group of people and they really don't mind accommodating you. You can BYO drinks and cakes and they don't charge you all that extra crap like the fancy restaurants. The place is not exciting to look at, but it's humble, just like if you walked into a community hall in Greece. They are friendly and work hard and accommodate walk ins at any time of the day. They also have delicious home baked sweets (I believe a little old lady in West End makes the sweets for them, which includes, baklava, rice pudding, and my favourite: galaktabourikou! Mmmmmm! Sit out on the deck area overlooking the city skyline, or inside to listen to the great authentic greek music and play some pool. I have got many people hooked to come back now!!! Vegetarians welcome! The menu is simple but has a good selection. Yassou!

  4. We have been going there for a number of years, it can be hit and miss, salads not being fresh is the main concern. Had lunch there today, had garlic prawns and a greek salad, prawns were very chewy and tasteless except for the garlic sauce and the salad was old, cucumber and tomato past it's use by date. every time we have a problem I say I am not going back but usually give it a second chance