Monday, July 25, 2011


We had such a pleasant mid-sunday afternoon yesterday.....
There is this tranquility being in Hawthorne and with the expansive park nearby, it felt wonderful to have a stroll around after our satisfying meal at Pompidou!

We arrived a quarter to 12noon and the breakfast menu was still available to Mr food hunter's delight. We liked that Pompidou is a spacious cafe with nicely spaced seatings indoors as well as a cool verandah outdoors.

It is but of course a very busy service considering its the weekend and we see staff running all over the place. It was a while before we could flag someone down to place our orders then our coffees never made it to the table till after our food arrived and we questioned about it. They were however, apologetic about it and coffees came shortly after. Coffees by Di Bella a Capp & a Flat white were done well.

Mr food hunter went for the Pan fried Ratatouille with Pork & Fennel sausage, fried Egg, Rocket pesto and toasted Baguette ($18). The ratatouille was chunky with thin pieces of the pork and fennel sausage to compliment.  Mr foodhunter had the rocket pesto and the baguette together as he found mixing it with the ratatouille didnt quite work for him.  

Miss food hunter had the Bruschetta with pan fried Cherry tomatoes, marinated Feta & Basil ($11)with an extra side of generous slices of Smoked Salmon ($4). The thick slab of Sourdough was dense and well-toasted, the cherry tomatoes were plump & juicy and loved how the basil worked well with the feta that wasn't overly salty.

Pompidou has a menu that is mixed with Classic breakfast items as well as more creative ones which is great variety for many. The dishes were presented nicely, the flavours were good, waitstaff were energetic and all smiles.The lunch menu is very tempting too and we shall return for that...oh and watch out for their Specials!

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  1. Always nice to hear about new little places- I never go over that way so will know where to go when I do.

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