Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Mr and Miss food hunter have been to Vapiano a long long time ago when it first opened in brissie.  We left quite happy at the time but havent been back in a while.
  For those who dont know, Vapiano is a bit of a unique restaurant in regards to the ordering system.  There are no waiters instead you queue and order your food or drinks directly from the chef or bartender and then your order is recorded on a plastic card which you present to the cashier after your finished dining.  Now thats out of the way, on to the food!
Con carne
The pizzas are true to the italian philosophy of being light on the toppings which enables each ingredient to speak for itself.  The con carne pizza has ham, pepperoni, salami, barbeque sauce and mozeralla, all on a tomato base.  The toppings were nice however I would say the base is not really to my liking.  I prefer my bases to be thin, with some nice charred bits from the pizza oven as well as some elasticity from a well worked dough.  The standard here is a bit thicker and missing the elasticity I crave.  
Good ole Bolognese

Gamberi e Spinaci
The pastas are probably one of the better things to order at Vapiano.  There is a wide range of pasta flavours to order from as well as that you can decide on which type of pasta 'noodle', which is always fun for Mr food hunter.  The biggest bonus with the pasta is that it is also made fresh on site and you can also watch the whole process through the viewing glass.  Mr food hunter's gamberi with white sauce has a strong cream flavour combined with olive oil. This did start to get a bit heavy towards the end.  Mr food hunter didn't get to taste the bolognese but his dining companion expressed that he really enjoyed it and it did look very appetizing.  Defintely something Mr food hunter would order the next time!

new Albert Lane
off Queen Street Mall
Opens daily 11am to 11pm

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