Monday, July 18, 2011

Milk Ashgrove

This is our second visit to Milk and the first was at their Newmarket outlet which is much smaller in terms of seating capacity. And the reason for why we enjoy Milk, is for their signature Milkshakes that are truly frothy and comes in a tall metal cup.

Something about the use of bright yellow that really makes one really cheery dining in and it didn't matter that there was so much of it...yep even the staff are in sunshine yellow too ; )

Mr food hunter had their Weekend Special of Pork sausages, fried eggs, wilted spinach and Sourdough toasts with Dijon Mustard. There isn't anything gourmet here but just decent to put it simply. Mr food hunter might have preferred if the sausages were more than just supermarket dull filler type sausages which tasted in this instance, more like beef than pork.

The Grilled Vegetable Salad came with a zesty lemon vinegarette which is good for those who really like an acid kick and is served with Turkish toasts. The salad was plentiful and was composed of well-grilled eggplants, red capsicum slivers, soft pumpkin, black olives, cherry tomatoes and gourmet leaves. The haloumi was really hard but the turkish was nicely chewy and boy would i return for their Turkish Sandwiches!
Frothy Goodness at such a gd price $4.95!

We ordered a Mambo Milkshake which was Mango & Lime flavoured. The lime was probably the more dominant flavour here. We prefer the Malt or Vanilla flavours we had previously.


Milk Cafes are known for their burgers too and i might add that their Burgers and especially them Golden Chips in paper cones were flying off the counter. Mr food hunter agreed that his first Milk Burger was scrummy but he didn't recall his chips served in cones at the Newmarket branch. If you are looking for gourmet pizazz this is probably not the place to be but if freshness & simplicity with a bundle of retro vibe is what your after then do give Milk a go!

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