Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soul Bistro

We would have liked to have taken at least a shot of this very simple eatery nestled at a corner of Milton Centro, but lunch was a little bit of a rush as we had an appointment to make after. The first time we tasted Chef Terry Leung's creations was way back in June 2006/7 as there was a X'mas promo on at their food & Soul restaurant at Auchenflower. We have been wanting to try his new venture- Soul Bistro for some time now and finally we've made it here....

Slow Cooked Pork Hock with Roasted Pumpkin & a mild chili & Orange glaze ($16)
Service was as usual friendly and attentive ; ) The 2 cuppa Cappuccinos were done well and beautifully presented. For just $16, Mr food hunter had a lovingly cooked knuckle; moist, tender, meltingly soft and well-infused with flavour. The concept of this dish would work well with those who like sweeter-style sauces or condiments. Mr food hunter felt that the accompaniments were over-whelmingly sweet as they were cooked in the marmalade-like glaze. Probably, the likes of some plain roasted potatoes would do the trick.....
Chilli Smoked Perch Fillet ($15)
Miss food hunter had an unusual Smoked fish dish served with Grapefruit, Kaffir Lime Leaves & Paw Paw Chutney. The texture of the smoked perch was firm and neither was it moist nor dry. The chilli smoke was distinct and perhaps could have been a little less smoked; a touch overpowering there. The combination of the bitter juicy saps of grapefruit and the sweet mustard fruit-like paw paw chutney was unique and i enjoyed it.

Dining at Soul Bistro is a little bit of an adventure with their creative menu. There are safer options with just a teeny twist which we are sure are prepared meticulously as well! The menu has many gluten and dairy free options. Who would have thought that at this day and age, mains of this standard can be so reasonably priced!

Soul Bistro
5/ 16 Baroona Road

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