Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse

The Fam headed to Kingsleys to celebrate the 30th birthday of Mr food hunter's brother. It was a celebratory occasion and the view & ambience of Kingsleys gave it that extra special touch! It wasn't over the top fine dining and was ideal for Mr food hunter's little nephew. He even received a kids colour pack on arrival.

Complimentary Crusty Pane with Butter

Shared Starters: Spiced Chicken Wings

Shared Starters: Tempura Soft Shell Crab

Entrees: Warm Octopus Salad w mandarin, kalamata olives & oven-dried tomatoes
The shared plates were good especially the well-seasoned, moist chicken wingettes with a hint of spice. All entrees were shared. The crab legs were sweet on their own and had the all apparent taste of the sea. The Octopus salad was cooked to soft tenderness and very nicely presented.  The only big drawback of the night would have to be the tempura soft shell crab as the batter was thick and heavy similar to a fish and chippery as opposed to the lightness of a true tempura.

Entree: 200g King Crab Legs Chilled w Mayonnaise

The Boys gotta have their Beer w' Steaks

500g T-Bone w Habanero Mustard Relish  

350g Rib Eye (Scotch Fillet)

450 g Rib on the Bone w' Moreton Bay Bug
All Steaks served were Premium Beef from the Riverine with a marble score of 2+.  The quality of the steaks here are top notch as you would expect given the hefty price tag.  The meat from Mr food hunters rib eye on the bone was fantastically tender from the marbling and didnt impede too much on the flavour of the steak like cuts of wagyu steak can.  Needless to say the boys were very happy!

Line Caught Snapper with Saffron Puree, Caramelized Fennel & Watercress
The Snapper again was very well-cooked with moist firm flakes all the way through. Couldn't detect any saffron in the puree but it didn't matter as the softened sweet fennel and bitterness of the watercress were complementing enough with the fish.

Wagyu Cheese Burger w Bacon, Cheddar, Rocket, Tomato Relish w Chips 
Two diners ordered the Cheese Burger and they were pretty big; more so because the meat pattie is thick. Mr food hunter's sister-in-law polished it all...can't deny a wicked combination like this one! The chips however weren't up to standard.

Additional Sides: Green Beans & Almonds, Mashed Potato and Mushrooms
Simple sides as they are but they were all good. Mr food hunter ordered the potato gratin but the mash turned up instead. Mr food hunter realised only towards the end of the meal that something was amiss....busy chompers we all are...

Additional Side: Sweet Potato & Persian Fetta
What a great night it turned out to be!! Food was satisfying, service was friendly & attentive and most importantly, the Birthday Boy was all smiles!

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