Monday, January 10, 2011

Archive Beer Boutique

We visited Archive Beer bistro sometime end of last november for an early weekday lunch and as it was sometime ago this shall be a short post. We opted to sit alfresco as it was beautiful weather. After placing our orders at the front counter we headed to the bar for a glass of beer on tap and a sparkling.

Shortly, our orders of a Rib fillet burger and a Grilled Prawn and avocado salad arrived. The Rib fillet was tender and the chips were golden and crunchy. With the salad, the mixed greens were fresh and abundant in a citrusy dressing. The prawns were plump and were grilled to the extent that we could munch the juicy sweet heads and ingest the legs! Yum!

Overall, Archive serves quality pub food and next time we shall return night to check out the atmosphere and sample their "Bistro styled" dishes. According to the Archive website, there may be a new head chef at the helm now.

Archive Beer Boutique & Bistro
100 Boundary St
West End

Archive Beer Boutique and Bistro on Urbanspoon
Archive Beer Boutique and Bistro on Urbanspoon

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