Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweeties Paradise

We have visited Sweeties Paradise more than a dozen times now and we just can't get enough of their soy custards and other HongKong inspired dessert concoctions. We do visit this small cafe up to twice a week! There is also a new summer menu on top of their already expansive dessert menu.

Our default orders here are the soy custards topped with fruit and for durian lovers out there, the Black glutinous rice & Durian in Vanilla sauce is a must try!

Soy custard with Watermelon

We have tried soy custards from many places around the sunnybank area and the version here tends to be lighter in soybean flavour and texture. We do like the silky smoothness of the soy custard here but some may prefer a stronger soybean taste and a firmer more gel like texture of soy custard like that from Just Soy Cafe (sunnybank hills). Sweet Dessert Shop (sunnybank hills market square) has also a good soybean taste but the silky texture can be rather inconsistent.

Black glutinous rice & Durian in Vanilla sauce

The black glutinous rice had bits of corn in them for extra bite and the durian was 100% fresh pulp. Two scoops sitting atop a frappe like vanilla sauce makes for one great dessert that is neither too sweet nor creamy.

Crushed ice with Special sweet soup with Mango, Pumpkin balls & Grass jelly

On another occasion, we shared a crushed ice dessert with their special sweet soup from the summer menu. Unlike, the taiwanese or south-east asian shaved ice dessert where plain ice is sweetened with added syrup and condensed milk, the ice here is blended with mango or coconut at times and a Frappe forms the base. The pumpkin balls were soft and chewy and lightly pumpkin flavoured. We have also tried one with taro balls, black beans and grass jelly. The taro balls had good taro flavour!

We are and will always be back for more!

Sweeties Paradise
Shop 117 Sunnybank Plaza Food Court
Sunnybank Plaza Shopping Centre
358 Mains road
Opens daily 1030am to 10pm

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