Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just Soy Cafe

Just Soy is another one of our dessert haunts and we have been here countless number of times... Now that we are in the heat of summer, a cool ice dessert is always ideal! But one mustn't forget their specialty soy custard (tofu)that comes with an assortment of toppings.

These are two of our many favourites (ha!), the soy custard with matcha syrup and an ice shaving with 3 toppings of choice; taro balls, green beans and fruit pieces were chosen this round.

The soy custard here is light, smooth and has a near jelly-like consistency. There really is a distinct difference among the other soy cafes around Sunnybank and it is really up to individual preference as to which cafe has the "best" soy. The matcha syrup is only available at Just Soy and is a good match with adzuki beans.

The ice shaving here is a little coarse but that didn't matter too much after a thorough stir. The amalgamation of ice, light syrup, condensed milk and toppings really makes for one Sssaa-weet summer quencher! The taro balls are firmer here as they are made of sweet potato flour and another variation is the sweet potato balls. There are also rice flour balls available either original or matcha.

Just Soy tends to be really busy after dinner hours and be prepared to either takeaway or wait for available seating. Hmmm...our next visit will be very soon...perhaps tomorrow??

Just Soy Cafe
Shop 1 Pacific Centre
8 Lear street
Sunnybank Hills
Opens daily except Tuesday

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  1. I actually thought the soy custard at this place is disgusting; the worst I have ever tried. It tasted sour and old. My experiece was totally bad. The tiny place at Market Square is much much better. Not sure why this place is so popular. :-/

  2. Oh dear Rinni you probably had a bad run that day! We go to Just Soy pretty often and have never experienced this. Hope you give it another shot if you happen to be around the corner ;)