Friday, January 21, 2011

Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade was the place of choice for lunch today after reading an excellent review the night before. Besides, it wasn't too much of a detour as we planned for a movie at Balmoral after. Hmmm...immediately, we loved the retro outfits of this little corner cafe! We were hoping for some air-conditioning on a warm day like this, but we survived the heat sitting indoors, right where the open expansive windows are.

There is a good selection of sandwiches, baked goods sweet and savoury and an impressive looking couscous salad. Sandwich lovers, you will be spoilt for choice! A cooked food menu is also available if heartier choices are desired. We went straight for the Turkey sandwich with Quince paste and a Ploughmans lunch.

Moist turkey slices, swiss cheese, softened red onions complete with a spread of sweet quince paste on a well toasted sourdough (could it be Banneton bread?)- Hearty & simply delish!

Nothing makes Mr foodhunter feel more humbled than having somthing as simple as a ploughman's lunch.  Imagine yourself after a hard morning's work outdoors and then tucking into somthing that is just so wholesome and unpretentious.  Generous servings of cheese is always a plus as well as nicely pickled carrots made this meal for me. Yum!

and this pumpkin man was our table number!

Lady Marmalade
Shop A, 269 Logan Road, 
Stones Corner
Opens monday to friday 7am - 3pm
Saturday to sunday 7am - 2pm

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  1. I had lunch here today and will post a review on my blog shortly, had no idea it was the cafe of My Kitchen Rules contestants til we went there!