Monday, January 17, 2011

Forages Cafe Deli

After a mornings flood clean up at the grounds of The University of Queensland yesterday we decided to head for late lunch nearby but with our soiled clothes and sweaty bodies it seemed then that we had to settle for one of the drive thrus. As we were heading towards Indooroopilly, Miss food hunter decided to drive through Taringa where she once used to stay and were lucky to see that most of the shops at 144 Indooroopilly road were open for service. Great! We headed straight in for Forages Cafe Deli. We could see that a number of patrons had also worked the morning, evident from their soiled clothes, and were taking a well deserved break!

We have visited Forages a number of times before and this time the deli cabinets were brimming a little less with their daily offerings. Nonetheless, there was still a reasonable selection of baked sweet and savoury goods like beef lasagna, quiche lorraine, pizzas, apple & berry pie, mediterranean rice & pasta salads etc. Orders of sandwiches or burgers from the menu are also available. The coffee here is good-mild.

The serving of the beef lasagna was good for one hungry man! As depicted in the picture, the generous layers of mince, cheese and bechemal were scrummy and the pasta sheets were well cooked.

Miss food hunter decided on a simple turkey cranberry wholemeal sandwich due to a declining appetite from the "work site". This was a special request from the usual order of turkey on ciabatta sandwiched with rocket leaves, brie and cranberry jam which is served absolutely Great here! The cranberry jam is indeed different, the spread is packed with plump cranberries and has a distinct orange peel taste.

It was good to be back again!

Forages Cafe Deli
144 Indooroopilly road
Open daily breakfast & lunch

Forages Deli Cafe on Urbanspoon
Forages Deli Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Hubby is a huge pulled pork fan. I will make without liquid smoke (I know, I know). I also have a fab. dry run in a post that I love. Photo of rub fantastic.

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