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The concept of Nagomi is quick food for either eating in, takeaway or on the go. Nagomi offers the usual fare of sushi rolls and what sets them apart from places like Hanaichi, are their bento boxes rather than donburi bowls. Their bentos are offered with a choice of mains i.e. teriyaki chicken, teriyaki hamburg (beef pattie), karaage (fried chicken), katsu or crumbed.

We ordered a teriyaki hamburg bento with an additional $2 of curry sauce atop the rice, a pickled vegetable sushi roll, teriyaki chicken salad and a miso soup. All meals are served in recyclable-like wooden type lunch boxes.

Straight up, the food was disappointing. The only saving grace were the leafy greens and the potato salad. We found the beef pattie to be mediocre, gyozas to be a tad salty, potato croquettes were not creamy but rather weak in flavour and oily. The curry tasted powdery and pales in comparison to that of Hanaichi curry bowls!

We were given a choice of either a sesame dressing or spicy soy dressing for the teriyaki chicken salad and it was the latter that we chose. The salad greens were fresh, the soy dressing was alright but not quite enough for the amount of salad greens and alas, the chicken was dry despite being served the "dark" parts of the meat.

The rice in the sushi roll was overcooked which is often the problem in majority of the sushi roll joints and for the first time, the pickled oshinko (daikon) was flaccid!

Nagomi will cater well for the office crowds who are looking for a quick bite and good variety. For the meantime, a simple donburi from Hanaichi will satisfy most easily!

Nagomi Restaurant
Shop 7 Eagle Street Pier
45 Eagle Street

Nagomi Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Nagomi Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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