Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sumire Japanese

Sumire is abit of a hit and miss place. Our first visit to Sumire was average and our second visit saw quite a dip in our food radar. On our first visit we had sushi rolls, sashimi salad and a mix tendon and recently, we had the seaweed salad, teriyaki chicken and katsu chicken sets.

The sashimi salad was not bad. It was quite generous with small chunks of salmon, tuna and kingfish .

The mix tendon consisted of crumbed prawn, fish and pork and had a dressing similar to that of an Oyakodon (chicken & egg rice bowl).

The seaweed salad had a good zesty sesame based dressing and we liked the fact there were added beetroot and mizuna leaves to tone the strong sesame flavours a notch.

The disappointment was with the teriyaki chicken rice set with miso soup. The chicken seemed slapped onto the plate randomly, it was way over cooked and too greasy. A visible pool of oil was noted. The zesty side cabbage salad was the only saving grace.

The katsu chicken on the other hand was cooked well and still moist. However, it was felt to be underseasoned, lacking in flavour apart from the drizzle of tonkatsu sauce.

They do reasonable priced lunch sets ranging from $9 to $12. Another chance perhaps? Not anytime soon and if we were to return, it would be for their sushi rolls.

Sumire Japanese
Shop 30 Centro Pinelands Plaza
Opens daily lunch & dinner

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