Friday, January 7, 2011

Parkland Chinese Restaurant

This yum cha place is actually the sister restaurant to Landmark located across the road in Sunnypark shoppping centre. So no surprise to find that the menu is similar to Landmark's. There are a few items though which aren't listed on the menu so keep a keen eye for them when the food trolleys come around.

To start we ordered the scallop and prawn dumplings, prawn rolls with wanton wrappers, chicken feet with black bean sauce and chinese vegetables also known as chinese kale. The prawn meat in the dumplings and rolls were a touch overcooked but generous in their quantity. A real sticking point for us when we have yum cha is the quality of the dumpling wrappers. They must be thin yet resilient and delicate. This time around they were rather thick and firm. The kale retained its crispness. As it isnt cooked to order, you may get a cold plate of vegetables which is sad considering you pay $9 a plate.

Prawn rolls with wanton wrappers.

Chicken feet with black bean sauce

When it comes to chicken feet you either hate it or love it.  Those that can get pass the thought of eating feet can apprecitate what this dish has to offer.  The softness and flavour of the braised skins and tendons are infused by the black bean sauce and are just simply delicious as you suck and chew on the bones to get all the goodness out.  Yum!

Stuffed eggplant with prawn
The sauce at first tasted a bit salty but when eaten with the mushy eggplant it eases and you taste the dark soy flavour which lifts this dish.

Lotus leaf glutinous rice with chicken

The rice had absorbed the fragrance from the lotus leaf but was not as robust in flavours despite the dark appearance.  We would have appreciated more than half a shitake mushroom, a small piece of chicken and some mince enclosed within the rice ball of this size.

As far as the overall quality goes, our preferences for Yum Cha restaurants lie between The Manor and Shangri-la.

Parkland Chinese Restaurant
SunnyPark Shopping Centre
Mains Road

Parkland Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Parkland Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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