Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Hong Kong

It has been a while since we last visited Little Hong Kong and the reason being, we weren't fans of their roast meats as they were too salty. We see a revival in their menu, introducing even more options of rice and stir-fried noodle dishes and we quickly settled for our orders of a Stewed ginger Duck with E-fu noodles and a Preserved vege & Fish fillet vermicelli soup, except that the vermicelli was swopped for thin egg noodles.

Stir-fried duck noodle is not something we normally like to order because you can lose the flavour of the duck when you stir fry with all the addtional sauces. Thankfully this man size portion manages to keep the sweetness and fragrance of the duck.  The E-fu noodles were quite thick and soft, perfect for the sauce to cling onto as you lift them to your mouth.  We would think a couple more vegetables would help balance the flavours of an otherwise perfect dish.

The preserved mustard vegetables were aplenty in the fish noodle soup which supplied a good pickled flavour in the milky broth. In Singapore, a milky like fish broth is achieved by boiling fish bones for long hours, similar to that of the creamy pork bone soup of a tonkotsu ramen, but short-cuts like using evaporated milk are also used and this is likely the case here. There were numerous chunks of fish fillets, a couple of them were suspiciously fishy in taste though. The egg noodle which is also an important component in Hong Kong BBQ houses, had good elasticity and bite. Overall, it satisfied but won't be returning anytime soon for it.

Little Hong Kong
Shop 23a Market Square Corner
Mains road and McCullough street
Opens daily till late

Little Hong Kong on Urbanspoon

Little Hong Kong on Urbanspoon

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