Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egg Bistro

Woolloongabba is an area we are not too familiar with, so when Miss food hunter suggested we try Egg Bistro, I am always adamant that she has clear instructions to get there. Alas, even with directions in hand we still managed to drive pass this very inconspicous eatery.  So for our readers we decided to take a roadside picture to help with the spotting.

Eggbistro is located on a busy main road, so we were a little uneasy about how much we might enjoy the atmosphere with so much traffic beside us.  Thankfully once we stepped in, we were well isolated from the busy world outside.  The decor inside is warm and relaxing with soulful music in the background to further set the mood.  There is the option of sitting in the courtyard behind, which is great on a cool night. 

Egg Bistro offers a concise menu of entrees and mains, with a few additional specials. We ordered the Lamb Rump with white polenta and shakshouka and a Chicken Brie sandwich for lunch. The Goat's curd with roast tomatoes & toast must have been a popular choice for breakfast as we first opted for the goat's curd risotto and had already sold out.

The Lamb Rump was a well though out dish as the components worked together and were cooked perfectly.  A nice sticky jus in combination with the flavours of the morrocan spiced shakshouka created a lively well-balanced sauce for the lamb rump. Sitting beneath the rump is a white polenta mash that is lightly-seasoned for a reason.

The Chicken sandwich was composed simply of a grilled chicken fillet, brie, cos lettuce, slices of avocado and a light spread of mayonnaise. As a lover of sandwiches, the use of crusty polenta bread (our guess) was a good change to other leavened breads and the aged brie provided a nice subtle pungency. But at a cost of $16.50, which is expensive for a simple sandwich, one would expect either more substantial fillings or an additional side salad.

Overall, we love the ambience, the concept of the food, the execution, the service and it is really a pleasant place to return to. But we would wish for slightly increased portions with both dishes or adjusted pricing for lighter meal options and particularly so, for a lunch service.

Yes, we did linger on a little longer with a solid cuppa Genovese cappuccino and affogato....

Egg Bistro
989 Stanley street East
East Brisbane

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  1. Brisbane’s newest breakfast Mecca and the place my sister frequents most often. That’s all the recommendation I need to try the smoked (in-house) salmon with goats cheese rocket and parsley omelette.

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