Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brio Espresso & Juice

This about a month overdue. We kick started our blog having already visited a good number of places so, please do bear with us as there are just a couple more to go. We will still keep our blog as current as possible!

Alright, so this visit to Teneriffe was on a pouring sunday in mid-dec with our good ole' friend, Shu. Our initial plan was to lunch at Grasshoppers Kitchen but it was Brio that was bustling on that very afternoon and so we decided to see what the big HooHa may be.

Miss food hunter always settles for a cappuccino and Brio's was mild and had a good froth. We settled for a Pumpkin Pinenut salad with grilled Chicken, Chorizo sausage with Salsa and Lamb koftas with Haloumi.

The salad was a decent portion. The leaves were fresh, pumpkin tender, chicken grilled to perfection and the chunks of beetroot, mushrooms, sweet cherry tomatoes all married well with the sweet dressing. Sweet balsamic or honey was probably in the emulsion and Miss food hunter remembered it to be a little too sweet towards the end.

The Chorizo orginally came with poached eggs but scrambled was the preferred choice that day. Apart from the overcooked & dry sausage and the under-seasoned but well-scrambled eggs, everything else i.e. the salsa, mashed avocado and flatbread were alright.

The Lamb Koftas were tasty and all 3 golf ball-sized meatballs were polished off the plate. Shu must either be very hungry or the dish was simply-delicious!

There is a good selection of light offerings from the cabinet-bakes, sweets and sandwiches to heartier options off the cooked food menu. Brio caters to most weekend "Brunch" tastebuds with an all-day breakfast menu. Aside from the london club, we see why it can be the choice amongst the other restaurants along the Teneriffe strip.

Brio Espressio & Juice
8/36 Vernon Terrace

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