Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We're sure that majority of foodies are familiar with Anouk at Paddington. Anouk is synonymous with most highly rated breakfast/ brunch places such as Au Cirque, Gunshop and Pearl Cafe. Last Sunday, we met up with our close friend for lunch and here is the latest's Anouk has to offer....

Anouk's Seasonal Lunch Menu

Anouk uses Merlo and the capp, latte and Mocha we had were good as always.

Our dear friend had the Crispy Fried Lamb with hot & spicy Hommous, Pomegranate, corriander and Flatbread. The only complaint she had was that the overall dish was a little too dry. Bit more hommous maybe??

Miss food hunter was looking for something light as the dinner at GPO's still weighed down on her and the Smashed Broad bean Bruschetta with Pecorino, Rocket and sweet mint vinaigarette really hit the spot! The use of quality fresh ingredients enabled this dish though simple, to shine through. The dish was wholesome and well-balanced with just the right amount of sweet dressing. The minty bit unfortunately wasn't detectable.

But of course Mr food hunter had to have the meaty dish.....The Wagyu Beef Burger with red peppers, Confit Garlic, Rocket, Roast Tomato Chutney and Spicy Fries. The pattie was juicy and cooked to a pinkish tinge. It wasn't cooked rare though, it was some other added ingredient that contributed to it and sure did impart good flavour too! The fries were disappointing for the fact that they weren't spicy and were akin to Mac's french fries! 

Erm.... Miss food hunter didn't think she was going to get a dessert-sized Affogato! Still it was polished off though it was just ordinary ice-cream.

Mr food hunter had his eye on the Cherry Tiramisu as he was lured to the whole cake displayed beautifully behind the glass cabinet. It was rich with the mascarpone component, sponge was light with espresso, the base was a solid milk chocolate base and we'd have to say this is not really an Adult's take on a Tiramisu.

Our friend opted for the Apricot & Passionfruit Cheesecake which looked rich and lush with real fruity pulp. Half of it had to be wastage here ; )

212 Given Terrace
Opens daily Breakfast (till ~1230pm) & Lunch

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