Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lee House Korean BBQ

It was Mr food hunter's brother's 25th birthday and so, we decided to try Lee House as Korean bbq was his pick. We called up earlier to make reservations for a table of 7 and apparently, they don't accept reservations and neither are they BYO. Since it was a mid-week dinner, we're probably fine anyway. 

Lee House uses charcoal for their BBQs which works especially well for us! They do have hanging adjustable vents, just like those at Obaltan. We ordered 2 of their platters; A & C and these come with complimentary individual salad, pumpkin pancake and a bed of fresh salad greens & condiments for wrapping those yummy morsels of meat! 

Slightly sweet tasting Pumpkin glutinous Pancake
The platters were huge and even the 3 meat-eaters in the party couldn't handle them all! There was good variety in each platter; pork & ox intestines are items you don't usually see. The meats were fresh and marinated well. Oh and there was this seasoned minced beef steak (cake) which was a standout in the platter too!

It is great that most Korean restaurants are equipped with buzzers on the table and that staff do actually respond immediately to it even on a busy night. In fact, they are often not out of sight as they do go around observing diners i.e. more so the grill mesh whether they need a replacement etc. Overall, we give Lee House the thumbs up! The surroundings are nice, the selections are plentiful and it ain't electric!

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