Monday, June 13, 2011

Chocolate Cottage Cafe

Front of Cafe
The Chocolate cottage cafe was recommended by a lady who works at the Toowoomba tourist info desk. She said that it was a lovely spot for coffee & cakes and commands good expansive views. And so, we headed to Highfields directly as it was just touching noon time.

Back couryard of Cafe
We would really liked to have sat outdoors on the timber benches, take in the views while tucking into lunch but we rather not brave the cold chill. We were fortunate that a group of 4 was leaving just as we completed our orders at the counter and was able to settle indoors in the warmth of the this very cosy cottage.

The cottage is pleasantly wonderful. The colourful furnishings together with the display of a wide array of gourmet pickings and giftwares contributed to the vibrancy of the cafe. And already, it was a very busy service and packed crowd! Good atmosphere without any drowning loud chatter.

Blackboard Menu

Scrummy Cakes to tempt!

Two cappuccinos for us and they were good & frothy. Beans from Lavazza. We did see mugs with foams almost as high as a souffle...we wonder could they be their specialty Hot Choc drinks??

Mr food hunter's Gourmet Steak Stack was towering high. It was composed of layers of toasted Turkish Garlic bread, lettuce, mustard aioli, roasted capsicum, tasty cheese, caramelised onion and aromatic tomato jam. Not forgetting, a small dollop of pesto to top it all. The steak had a strong meaty flavour and was cooked medium to well done, alittle longer than Mr food hunter normally likes but was still good. The aromatic tomato jam was indian inspired and it may seem like a whole lotta different sauces& flavours mish-mashed on a plate but all the punchy, piquant flavours worked a delectable wonder!

Miss food hunter went with her fave combo of a Panini of Tandoori Chicken with Mint Yoghurt, cucumber relish and lettuce. Again, servings are never shy here. There were a good couple of thickly sliced marinated chicken breast- it was a true tandoori spice however the meat was dry. The refreshing cucumber relish with bean sprouts and yoghurt helped moisten the dish. The drizzle of balsamic was a
good touch of sweetness ;)

We'd love to visit a cafe like the Chocolate Cottage as many times as we can. It is akin to stepping into Willy Wonkers but just less bizarre ha! The breakfast and lunch menu are varied and all sound very tempting indeed. The presentations are wonderful and the flavours yum! The kids will love it too! Don't forget to pick a few chocolate nibbles as you browse the next-door Arts & Craft and giftware cottages.

Chocolate Cottage Cafe
10475 New England Highway
Opens Monday, Wednesday to Sunday
           7am to 10am & 12pm to 2pm

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