Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ouzeri is probably one of the older restaurants in the West End precint and yes, we have walked passed it countless times and for some reason we've always turned elsewhere for Greek food. After dinner at Era's, we strolled pass Ouzeri and it was really busy. The aromas that wafted around and the colourful presentations we saw, were indicative of a visit soon and a couple days later, we returned for a weekday lunch.

We had the Garlic & Herb bread and Kalamata Olives. Ok maybe we thought too far ahead and imagined it to be a loaf baked with garlic and herbs like a foccacia?? Nonetheless, it was back to a massive serve of the ole' garlic baguette slices that is way overloaded with butter- not good.

Miss food hunter had the Chicken Souvlaki which comes with a side of Greek salad, warm Pita triangles and Tzatziki. The serving is big for an entree size meal (~$16). The chicken pieces were moist, well-grilled and marinated however, there was just a touch too much salt. The salad was fresh, the fetta was creamy and the dressing was like that of a balsamic. Pita was grilled well and the tzatziki was refreshingly garlicky.

Mr food hunter had the Veal Piccata with a serve of McCain's like mixed flaccid vegetables (boo!) and Oregano potatoes. Mr food hunter had no idea what a Piccata was and so he found this dish to be too creamy and overwhelming for his tastebuds. The veal was tender and the creamy sauce was infused well with the herbs but in the end it was butter from the bread on top of again butter in the sauce. Perhaps, a smaller serve would make devouring a little more enjoyable....Should have to choose wisely the next time.

Ouzeri is a Mediterranean restaurant afterall and so, there are plenty of other non-greek options. Food is decent, good-flavoured and generous no doubt. However, we were not wowed this time around!

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  1. we had this for our end of yr lunch. found out we were there not for the food but because its BYO and theres no surcharge!

    agree that the food is not impressive at all.