Friday, June 3, 2011

China Beauty Restaurant

Wow! We will say it straight up that China Beauty Restaurant is a place we'd definitely return to. China Beauty doesn't seem like much at first glance, but the interior decor is a pleasant surprise as oppose to its exterior facade.

There are 2 sets of 3 red panels that run parallely down the middle of the restaurant which seem appropriate in sectioning off the different groups of diners. There is also a private dining room as pictured on the left, through the dark doorway.

This isn't your typical honey chicken and mongolian beef type restaurant though there are the usual sweet & sour pork ribs and kung po chilli chicken. The menu is really quite special and you will find the use of aioli, bechemal and even balsamic dressing! What's more? They also offer luxurious delicacies such as Bird's Nest soup, Sea Cucumber, Abalone etc.

2 lunch items just for the 2 of us were the Jiang Nan Sensational Seafood Combination Pot and the Steamed Sliced Pork with Preserved Vegetables.

This really is quite an impressive presentation for a hot pot. The soup was light and flavourful; the base was reminiscent of daikon (white radish) and the sweetness was accentuated by plenty of wombok (chinese cabbage). Seafood included mussels, medium prawns and a whole sandcrab. The chilli vinegar dip was great with the crab meat. It got a little messy picking at the crab but slurping up the juicy? soupy? goodness of the it was well worth the effort.

At first glance it may seem like a small amount of preserved vegetables scattered on the top but hidden beneath is a massive pile which helps form the dome-shaped presentation.  The pork belly was deeeelicious! The flavour of the stock had completely penetrated through as evidenced by the colour and was sliced thinly enough so that the fattiness of the belly didnt overwhelm.  Some may feel that there may be too much sweetness to the dish but for me it was just right eaten with rice.  Or even better with fresh steamed buns! (also on the menu) This is traditionally a Hakka dish and this Miss food hunter would say, is the "drier" rendition to the original. 

It was difficult to choose as we were spoilt for choice really. Almost all the dishes are unique and the pictures depicted on the menu didn't help ; ) It would have been easier if we had the whole clan with us ....We thought to take pictures of the entire menu for our readers and also, if we needed to order ahead for their exquisite items.

China Beauty Restaurant
Shop 2, 202 Calam road
Sunnybank Hills

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