Friday, June 24, 2011

PourBoy Espresso

Last friday, we decided that we would head into the city for lunch after reading so much on PourBoy Espresso. The cafe is smaller and rather plain looking than orginally thought, but we suppose that's alright as PourBoy primarily services the busy working office crowds...

Mr food hunter had the Capp and it was a bold one! The foam was thick and creamy. Too bad for Mr food hunter as he prefers a milder brew.

Mr food hunter ordered the Croque Monsieur but instead the Croque Madame turned up on the table. The leg ham was akin to a smoky salty bacon, the dijonnaise was more like plain mayo but worked nonetheless, altogether with the perfectly poached egg.

Miss food hunter's Vitello Tonato which is Poached Veal with Tuna dressing came with grain bread instead of sourdough as we unfortunately, missed out on all other bread types. The veal was poached beautifully however, the tuna dressing tasted simply of plain Mayo. I wished for a lil' acid in this dish...capers were noticeably absent.

PourBoy Espresso offers a concise menu of light items that will certainly please majority of the working crowd or anyone who is in search for a simple, classic feed prepped well. The breakfast items do sound absolutely delish but it will be sometime before we return as weekends are no longer an option to visit.

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