Monday, June 27, 2011


It has been sometime since we last visited Campos for a meal and we were delighted when our good ole' friend called us up for lunch at Campos. We've dined at Campos a couple of times now both breakfast & lunch and we never left disappointed but this time around, it turned out rather differently.

Mr food hunter's Steak Sandwich & Chips from Campos actually made it to his worst ever steak sandwich list! The rib fillet had some tendon at first bite which was rather unpleasant, the bread was reminiscent of a hot dog bun, there was this thick bunch of wilted rocket leaves stuffed into the centre and the chips (orange like sweet potato but not!) were greasy & soggy! Very disappointing for $16.

Miss food hunter had the Mussels in a white wine cream reduction served with garlic toasts baguette. The reduction was flavoursome and there was plenty of perfectly cooked morsels of soft Tassie? black mussels.

The thick triangular slices of French Toasts were served with a dollop of Blueberry Mascarpone and Spiced Syrup. Our friend commented that the toasts in itself were good but the mascarpone was tasteless and the spiced syrup was bland. Oh dear!!

What happened here?! We were let down this time around but seeing as Miss food hunter enjoys a good cuppa Campos every now and again, we will have to give their food at least one more chance! Oh ya the friendly and very attentive service staff here is also another plus to return for ; )

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