Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guzman Y Gomez

After having a couple of snacks in between meals at Jan's Powerhouse last saturday, we decided to have a light lunch before we drove home. Truthfully, Mexican food is not one of our faves but we thought, since we were nearby that we should give Guzman Y Gomez a shot seeing as it was a casual fast-food type of joint.

Mexican food has always been reserved simply at Salsa's (lurve their spice dusted chips!!) and that is as far as it goes for Mr food hunter. Miss food hunter had really good authentic Mexican share food in a restaurant called Magarita's in Singapore (YUM!) but that was eons ago. So basically neither of us can comment on authenticity but rather based subjectively on our palates. Starting with the Frozen Margarita, though it was refreshing but sorry to say but perhaps tequila is not our thing!

The soft tacos and the burrito on the other hand, were very much to our liking. It has been reviewed by others that GYG's food is rather bland but Jalapenos and Tobascos are available free for the added kick. Mr food hunter had 2 soft tacos; a Chicken Guerrero & a spicy Pork Chipotle. The flavours were good but there wasn't a distinct difference between the chicken and the pork. The mix of salsa and beans seemed to have nullified one which was meant to be spicy.

Miss food hunter had the Barramundi Burrito and the mix of black beans, rice and salsa wrapped in a chewy soft tortilla made for a great light meal.

Ahhhhh...who would have thought that we'd yearn for more Mexican food after this day? Mexican joints are popping up everywhere now and we hear there is a new one coming up at Rosalie. This presents opportunities for our new found venture....; ) Oh and Mr food hunter still prefers Salsa's!

Guzman Y Gomez
1000 Ann street
Fortitude Valley

Opens daily 11am to 10pm


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