Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Soy Cafe 2

Here is the round up from Just Soy's, we would have a few more extra pictures to put up but the camera was sometimes forgotten erm... when gluttony prevails.

Mr food hunter's favourite softened peanuts with soy custard.

Grass Jelly is good and 'softer' here as compared to Sweeties Paradise which is probably from a tin can and thus firmer. This grass jelly combination of lemon syrup and mixed fruit pellets is perhaps not an ideal one. We say leave the grass jelly to the soy milk and the lemon syrup to the soy custard.

Finally, one of the monster sized desserts at Just Soy's is the Matcha Frappe with red beans, shiratamako balls and a big scoop of green tea ice cream. Mr food hunter is happy to work his way through this one all on his own and he once had an addiction, ordering this very same dessert several times in a row. The ice shaving has generous lashings of matcha syrup, the ice cream is rich and creamy, the chewy rice balls are in original and matcha  and the softened red beans are really sweet. Thank goodness for the mountain of ice and slight bitterness of the matcha that helps tone the sweetness down. Matcha affecionados out there, this is the perfect desset for you and if this look to be an overkill, try the matcha soy custard first!

A tip: Ice shaved desserts can get pretty sweet with the amounts of condensed milk and syrup added. You can always adjust the sweetness by informing them what you need less of. 

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