Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweeties Paradise 2

We really do love our chinese desserts and can't get enough of them so here is a round up of probably a fortnight's worth of them. We have blogged about Sweeties Paradise and Just Soy before and here is an insight to the other goodies available.....

Black velvety Sesame sweet soup with an extra ball of black glutinous rice. The version here is certainly less sweet and less viscous which we prefer. We personally think that this is the real deal as Sweet Dessert shop at market square has a black sesame soup that is very thick and sweet, which we suspect is made from a paste. 

The above is an Almond Milk soup with Sweet Potato. You can have it as a plain soup or with their silky soy custards or even with my special order of pumpkin balls! Desserts are never too sweet here. Hmmmm.....after having these 2 warming dessert soups (cold options avail), we feel something nutritionally beneficial has been least, we'd like to think of it that way ha!

Almond Soup with soft Pumpkin Balls

Light Soy Custard with Rockmelon frappe and pieces. Mr food hunter prefers the soy custards at Just Soy's while Miss food hunter really digs the version here but finds Just Soy's to be different and equally good. 

These are just two different combinations of ice shavings with Sweeties Paradise's special sweet mango soup. The 1st left picture shows one with peanuts, black eyed beans and taro balls and the 2nd  was a combination of red beans, grass jelly and taro balls. The 2nd combo was the better one! can really detect taro in these chewy rice balls! We say avoid the peanuts here as they are not the softened ones. The red beans were great as they weren't the overly sweet canned adzuki beans, We might try the red bean soup series the next time. Miss food hunter had the red bean soup from Sweets Dessert shop and was very disappointed to find that it was just a mix of red bean topping with water. It was cloyingly sweet and she avoided red bean soup since then.

Last but not least, our all-time favourite the Durian and Black Glutinous rice with Vanilla frappe dessert! Have blogged about this one before but can't resist to put up another shot of it!

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