Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bavarian Bier 2

Here are a few additional dishes from a recent dinner at Bavarian Bier. Despite it being a monday night, the restaurant was packed to the brim! We had to settle for high stools at the bar area in the end. Mr food hunter had the Bavarian Tasting Platter this time as the Munich Brewers Platter was just too much to ingest as per 1st visit!

The rest of the folks had each,

A Pan-fried Cone Bay Barramundi fillet on creamed corn peas & spinach with chive oil & baby herbs.

Lowenschnitzel Giant Pork Schnitzel with sauteed potatoes instead of fries.

 Kinkawooka SA Mussels with fresh tomato, garlic & chilli, served with fries.
caution There is quite abit of chilli kick in this!

The Pork Schnitzel wasn't quite agreeable with Mr food hunter's brother but it really is pretty subjective here! The rest of the dishes were generous in serve and presented nicely. This time around, the crackling on Mr food hunter's platter was perfectly light and crisp and the pork was tender. Delish!

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  1. hello I would like to make my opinions heard after reading the review above about the giant schnitzel . I agree that mr foodhunter's brother is right in his dissatisfaction of the meal that was served , from the way it looks in the photo there is a massive empty space in the protein portion of the meal, so how can they really call it a giant schnitzel? I would have loved to have seen a comparison between this and a regular schnitzel.Anyway keep up with the good work as I will continue to read of your culinary adventures .