Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goong Korean BBQ

Goong is one of many popular korean bbq joints around the south suburbs. We were just after a simple meal and it was good to see a poster of lunch specials displayed 1-level below the restaurant entrance.
Immediately, we spotted both of our favourites on the lunch specials and went ahead quickly with our orders.

Mr food hunter ordered a bibimbap with beef and mixed vegetables. The first thing we noticed was the reduced portion size compared to previous visits. The slightly reduced price was not any special really and this would be particularly so for those who have really a healthy appetite! Anyway, Mr food hunter loves the korean gochujang (hot chilli pepper paste) and uses it quite liberally while mixing into his rice bowl of ingredients. He then lets the mixed rice sit in the hot-stone bowl for a while before tucking in. This ensures he gets a good amount of crisped, "browned" rice.

While waiting for his nutritious "golden" rice to form, he tucks into an array of banchan which includes the usual kimchi, potato salad, wakame, bean sprouts and a rather unusual salty beef with spring onions.

Miss food hunter loves plenty of heat and the spicy Silken tofu stew with seafood is one of her default orders. The seafood you get in all korean stews are just these tiny little baby clams, mussels and squid tentacles. You are not going to see big, plump seafood pieces that's for sure! The broth is warmingly spicy with chilli powder and still savoury.

Seafood BITS

Goong gets pretty busy over dinner service with bbq usually in popular demand. Their kimchi pancakes are one of the better ones around the area so do it give it a go!

Goong Charcoal BBQ
Shop 7 70 Pinelands road
Sunnybank Hills
Opens daily lunch & dinner

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