Friday, March 11, 2011


My dear friend Jo!
It has been ten long years since i last caught up with my college friend and Sassafras was the choice pick for a simple lunch and a very long session of catching up! Miss food hunter has been to Sassafras near a dozen times now and then there was several months of absence and now finally, a chance for a re-visit. Miss food hunter enjoys the simple, homey, well-cooked food in this kind of a rustic, quirky setting of mis-matched tables and chairs. There is also a leafy back courtyard. And for these reasons, Sassafras has become the go-to 'easy-dining' cafe for all Miss food hunter's guests and *ahem* confined only to weekdays to avoid the massive weekend crowds.

Just like Fundies, which was blogged earlier, Sassafras offers plenty of salad options like the usual greek, garden or potato salad and bakes such as lasagnas, moussaka, quiches, pies and not forgetting crumbed patties of vegetables, salmon etc. There is a large blackboard menu of turkish sandwiches, anti-pasto & cheese platters and look out for seasonal specials of for instance, a mint lamb burger or pea & ham soup!

Miss food hunter started off with an organic Cappucino, rich foam with a good dousing of chocolate powder! Not sure the milk is organic though?

Then came Miss food hunter's Turkish sandwich of Peri peri Chicken with chilli lime mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes. The turkish bread was grilled to outer crunchiness-superb, just the way Miss food hunter likes it which, may not sit well with everyone ha! Not sure i could detect much peri peri but the chilli kick in the mayonnaise was evident. The chicken was cooked to death though. This dish comes with a side of potato salad but swop it with any one of their other enticing salads! The pumpkin salad is by far my favourite.

Could do with a little more chicken pls?

Miss food hunter's friend had the Beef & Mushroom Pie with two side salads of a red slaw, sprouts & raisins and a potato salad. I didn't mention this to my friend, but for some strange reason, all my past guests chose the exact same PIE of beef! There was too much to catch up on so i didn't get to ask her how she liked her meal but seeing as she polished up the plate, i guess it should be alright ;)

We have to visit Sassafras one day for breakfast. Their chilli corn cakes, ricotta hotcakes, savoury mince are all tempting options. Their home-baked cakes are not too bad either! We have had their blueberry ricotta cheesecake ages ago and it was scrummily- moist!

Sweet delight!

This blog post is to commemorate this day with my dear friend Jo who i have not seen in a decade and sadly, not sure when the next time will be.

88 Latrobe terrace
Opens daily 7am to 3pm

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