Saturday, March 26, 2011

The London Club

Our very first visit to The London Club was probably a good year back, on the inaugural day of the Teneriffe festival. Honestly, we don't remember what we had then but we didn't recall it to be a bad experience and so we made plans for a revisit with a friend this very day for brunch.

For some inexplicable reasons, we have been copping a fair amount of "not up to scratch" food and this post pretty much resonates the previous 2 reviews. To begin, service is friendly but slow and it became somewhat of a struggle to flag for their attention. The meals then took a considerably long time to arrive!

Chai Latte
Iced Coffee Di Bella

The Big Ben composed of bacon, eggs anyway, tomato, chipolatas, field mushrooms, potato rosti and sourdough. Two sets were ordered; one with scrambled eggs and the other with poached eggs. The other main was Toasted Sourdough from the light section with extra sides of Smoked Salmon and vine ripened Roast Tomato. An Iced Coffee and a Chai Latte were also on the roll.

When the dishes arrived, believe us but there were looks of 'horror' on all of our faces. Two of the Big Bens' components were dry-looking and the Smoked salmon sourdough was even more sad in serving size and bare in presentation.

True enough, the scrambled eggs were dry, the potato rosti wasn't even a rosti, more like frozen hash browns, the chipolatas were replaced with chorizos and the small sourdough slice was served dry. For $19, one would expect a whole lot better! The smoked salmon was averagely O.K. but, to receive only one slice of dry sourdough toast and half a tomato was disappointing really.

We were enticed by the Tapas lunch/ dinner offerings when we browsed their online web menus prior to the visit, but now we are left a little uncertain as to the standards in which The London Club produces.

The London Club
Tenancy 9 38 Vernon terrace
Opens Tuesday to Sunday
           Breakfast 8am to 12pm (sat & sun)
           Lunch      12pm to 4pm
           Dinner      6pm to late

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  1. Hi there - I'm a new reader to your blog (& new to Brisbane too, an ex-Melb foodie). Shame to hear about brunch at the London. I had dinner there a few weeks back and it was great - they have $15 local specials Wed/Thurs night. Cheers Lucy.

  2. Hi Lucy! Welcome to the Brisbane foodie scene! Yeah we thought the london club to be a good place to return since our 1st visit. We'd like to think that this is a one off bad experience. $15 is a good deal...thanks for e info ;) Look forward to reading your reviews too